Medical Bill Saver

Patient AdvocacyIn today’s economy and with changing benefits, families are increasingly responsible for the balance on uncovered medical bills. These out-of-pocket expenses can strain their budget. It can be overwhelming to receive a large bill for medical or dental care. The Health Advocate Medical Bill Saver service gives members access to skilled negotiators who can help lower their out-of-pocket costs on medical bills not covered by insurance.

Members could save hundreds – even thousands – of dollars, and while Health Advocate does not guarantee a specific level of savings, on average, members see discounts of 25%-50%.

Even with the best of intentions, members can incur medical bills simply because they visited an out-of-network provider or received care not covered by their insurance plan. By enlisting the help of the Medical Bill Saver service, members can not only achieve significant savings and lower their out-of-pocket costs, but will have peace of mind knowing that they have an expert negotiator in their corner.

How it works

  • Member gives Health Advocate their medical and dental bills that must be at least $400 or more
  • Health Advocate contacts the provider on the member’s behalf to negotiate a discount
  • Negotiations can lead to a reduction in the member’s out-of-pocket costs
  • Once an agreement is made, the provider signs off on the new payment terms and conditions
  • Member will receive an easy-to-read, personal Savings Result Statement, summarizing the outcome and payment terms

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